Herricks 教师中心

  • HPS标志

    Rosemarie LaMarca导演, rlamarca@ladis-hokkaido.com
    Jo Korder, Policy Board Chair, jkorder@ladis-hokkaido.com
    Lucille Romano, Secretary, lromano@ladis-hokkaido.com 

    Herricks 社区 Center, 2nd Floor
    999 Herricks Road New Hyde Park, NY 11040
    516 305- 8951

    The composition of The Herricks TeacherCenter meets the requirements of Education Law 316 and conforms to the by-laws of the center.

    1 Central Office Administrator
    2 Herricks Assn of Supervisors and Administrators (HAAS)
    2 Representatives from Private Schools (HVS)
    1 Higher Education Representative
    1 Business Representative
    1 Parent Representative

     18 Total Voting Members

    A quorum to conduct official business is 9 members, one more than half (a majority) of the memership, with the majority of the quorum being at least 5 members from the teachers; bargaining agent.

    The Policy Board usually meets 5 times a year on the first of second Monday of the following months: Sept; Nov; Jan; March; May; June

    The Policy Board appoints all members and names the chairperson who must be a member of the Policy Board. Specific charges to each committee are also required by policy; these charges can be approved at the June Policy Board meeting.

    Collegial Circle Approval Committee

    This committee reviews collegial circle applications, conducts needs assessments and other assistance in program planninn as needed or assigned by the Policy Board.

    This committee meets 2 times a year. A Monday in October and April.